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Winter marks a downturn in Montana tourism. The hardy few that make the trek are rewarded with a variety of winter activities.


This wonderful season offers ice climbing, wildlife tours, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and skiing. For great downhill skiing, Bridger Bowl is just 15 minutes away, or drive to Big Sky Resort. If x-country skiing or snow shoeing is more up your alley, Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is just 15 minutes from Howlers Inn with 25 km of groomed trails.


Our wolves also prepare for the winter as they put on extra weight and fur to compensate for the cold. We refer to the change as putting on their "winter regalia."


Click on the links below and see the different winter activities available to you.

Skiing / Snowshoeing


The most popular wintertime activities in our area is skiing and snowboarding at one our many ski hills. Our snow can be very dry and fluffy, and you can ski the cold smoke. Our x-country resorts have miles of groomed trails with amazing mountain beauty.

Bridger Bowl
Crosscut Mountain Sports Center
Big Sky Resort
Lone Mountain Ranch
Yellowstone Guidelines

Dogsledding / Sleigh Rides


Have you ever longed to hitch up a team of canines to a sled and go for a gliding ride across the snow covered landscape? You can do that here as the sport of dogsledding has become popular.

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures
Spirit of the North
320 Ranch
Lone Mountain Ranch
Montana Dinner Yurt

Wildlife and Nature Tours


A wildlife expedition can be very rewarding. Wildlife in the area tends to be a little more active, and have retreated to the lower elevations where you are more likely to see them.

Yellowstone Safari
The Wild Side
Yellowstone Guidelines
Safari Yellowstone
Yellowstone Association Institute

Snowmobiling / Snow Coach


Snowmobiling is a motor sport enjoyed by thousands in Montana. Our area has miles of maintained trails that you can zip along on. If you don't want to drive, ride a snow coach to Old Faithful.

Yellowstone Year Round Safaris
Safari Yellowstone
Backcountry Adventures
Yellowstone Alpen Guides

Ice Climbing


The Hyalite Canyon area just south of Bozeman has some of the best ice climbs and consistent routes anywhere. This is an exhilirating activity that experienced climbers can enjoy.

Montana Alpine Guides

Other Activities


While outdoor activities may occupy the bulk of your time, there is much to do in Bozeman if you want a day out of the cold.

Museum of the Rockies
Chico Hot Springs Resort
Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center
Montana Grizzly Encounter (5 minutes fron the Inn)
Winter Images at Howlers Inn Bed and Breakfast

Winter Activities